Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello, My Name is Wisdom

I am all for every woman, from little girls to seasoned ladies, to have wisdom.  Wisdom is the key that unlocks the potential of an amazing woman; a woman of God.  To have wisdom is to have wealth, strength and a confidence that cannot be tampered with.  To seek wisdom is an even greater compliment to the seeker.

One of my most consistent prayers is that the Lord would grant me wisdom.  During one particular season in my life, I would pray for wisdom every day and God has been faithful to bless me accordingly.  I now find myself praying for wisdom in more specific ways rather than in general.  I don’t believe you can ever be “too wise”.  We all learn something new everyday and obtain wisdom because of it.  I do believe however, that in our learning experiences, we can minimize the amount of heartache and headache we encounter obtaining that wisdom, by just simply asking for it from God before our day begins.  The bible says that God gives wisdom freely to those who ask and He doesn’t hold any back (James 1:5)!  Meaning, there are no restrictions and that there is enough for everybody.  Wow!  No dumb folk!   And if you’re like me, you probably have to ask for wisdom the night before just to make sure you’re covered enough for the next day—lol!

I’m grateful that we serve a God that isn’t stingy.  He’s sovereign in that He’s gives us all the tools we need in order to live a fruitful life that brings Him glory and blesses others He’s places in our midst.

So get to know Wisdom.  She’s a good girl—yes, a girl!  I got proof.  Read Proverbs chapters 8&9.  Check out the relationship between wisdom and our Mighty Creator.  Woooooo!  There is nothing like it.  Our Father was thinking of us when He created wisdom!  Oh and gentlemen, you can have wisdom too! lol!

Keep Him Lifted!

Tyvee B

James 1:5; Proverbs 8 & 9

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