Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Time To Say Goodbye.......Or See Ya Later :)

After much prayer and consideration, I've decided to close the "Lapidary Suite" blog site.  And while I seek to articulate in a diplomatic way my reasoning(s) why, I realize that "impossible" has taken on a whole new meaning at this moment! :) However, all things are possible with God.  So the "possible" way is the way of truth.  And the truth in the simplest form is this....

I need to know God.

Now, does this mean I don't know God? Well, we would all like to say that we know God right?  But, without me getting into the theologically, politically (in)correct way of explaining, I'll just stay on course with my personal plight to share...

I believe I know God--of course!  I know that I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the very tender age of eleven, been baptized, received the Holy Spirit, been ordained into ministry, and so on....

However, just recently, I was privileged to sit under the teaching of my Pastor and the Lord ministered through Him the story of Jesus' resurrection in a new light that I've never heard before.  And I was convicted to my very core.  Basically, those that knew Jesus, walked with him, talked with him,witnessed numerous miracles take place by his hand and sat under his teaching, but didn't recognize him after he was resurrected-- and when he was revealed to them and disappeared, they talked among themselves about themselves and how they felt while he was in their presence.  Seemingly, there was no thought of repentance from not recognizing the Savior nor any thought of how Jesus may have felt that after all that had taken place from before the crucifixion to the resurrection, that they would at least be looking for him in some way.

Just read the story (scripture reference at the bottom).....

What did I get out of it? I asked myself this question: Why do I do what I do?  That's what I got out of this message.  In understanding that we are made for companionship, relationship, etc., it's easy for some to become lost in balancing seeking the appreciation of God verses the appreciation of man.  I'm stepping back for a minute to check my scale.  Have I been with Christ all this time, experienced his presence, heard his voice, witnessed his miracles, heard his teachings, but still find myself not looking for the power of HIS resurrection in my life when I need it most?  Is Jesus walking and talking with me, but I'm more concerned about what my friends, family, neighbor, etc. has to say about the matters of my heart or the situations I face?  And when God steps into my "breath and wind" space, do I testify from a stand point of arrogance to esteem myself higher or do I testify from a place of humility declaring, "only by His grace, I stand"?  When these areas are in question, one must step back and look again and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the matter--what's really in our heart.

My prayer is that from this experience, I would come away with a greater confidence and contentment in who God has made me to be and that my disposition, demeanor, and stance would not be deterred my mere man.  I don't just want to talk about Christ, I want to talk to Christ and recognize him when he's walking along with me.  

Thank you for reading, sharing and your support!  If the Lord wills it, there will be another blog.... I'd just will that my Father be the first subscriber. :)

I want to be ready for His return--Keep looking up!  I love you all!

~Tyvee B

Matthew 19:26; Luke 24; 1Corinthians 2:3-5

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Making It! LOL!

Wow! It's the end of August and I almost missed my "at least once a month post" goal (makes no sense, I know) but now that school has started, things are looking up a bit time wise! WOO HOO!

So with that being said....

Father, I lift our youth and young adults up to you as they are heading back to school this year.  I ask that you would protect them and cover them with your precious blood.  Give them wisdom and knowledge and a passion to excel in everything they put their hands to do for your glory! I bind the works, plans and tactics of the enemy that would come against them! I speak life into them this day.  Bless the teachers, administrators, instructors, faculty, staff, all who are involved in the furthering of theses children's lives, with patience and long suffering and a continued willingness to empower the lives they come in contact with.  May they move with diligence and work with excellence and see every challenge as an opportunity to raise up and not write off!  I declare strength and security in the school system, that there will be no tragedies and that every trial will end in victory! We trust you Father, to perform your good pleasure this year for your children in the name of Jesus!  We love you!

~Tyvee B

Monday, July 2, 2012


Happy Independence Day (on the 4th-lol)!

As we remember our freedom in America and those who fought for it, let us also and more so remember our freedom in God and who He sent to lay down His life for us....Jesus Christ.

Thank you Jesus!

Let us also remember those who are in countries that are fighting everyday for the ability to worship and live for Christ.  Though they're not free to worship in public, they're free to worship God in spirit. :)

So Father, we thank you for the opportunity to celebrate with our families, our independence and freedom.  Thank you for blessing us to be able to worship you openly, in spirit and in truth.  May we never take it for granted.  And may we always pray for those who are being persecuted, tortured and killed on a regular basis because they take risks, by exercising their desire to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

We love you Father and we thank you for our freedom!  We also anticipate Your coming!  That's our ultimate Independence Day!! :)  Thank you for that hope that will not cause us to be ashamed!  We love you Jesus!

Be encouraged and keep looking up!

~Tyvee B

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moment of Enlightenment

From time to time, we come across information that causes us to really take another look at what we believe and why we believe it.  The same applies to what we do, say, etc.  It's always good to step back every now and again to ask ourselves, "Is it possible that I could be deceived?" or, "Do I need a fresh perspective or start on this area?"

What are our day to day practices?  What are the traditions we've decided to carry on from our forefathers and why?  What fuels our convictions?  So many questions and it may be that we've never thought to answer them because we've been so familiar and comfortable with the results, whether good, bad or tolerable.  Do we just take information at face value and believe whatever comes across the airwaves, newspapers, books, etc. or do we really take time to gain truth and seek understanding in these matters?

So with all that being said, let me throw something atcha'....

We believe that Word of God is just what it is and that it is correct right?  Well what is our immediate practice when we desire clarification on what a particular scripture says?  For some of us, it's to go and grab another version or interpretation of that scripture right?  But what if you go to another version and that scripture is non-existent?? Yes, that's just what I said--non-existent!  What in the world do you do then?  Need an example or two or five?  Ok!

(These examples are coming from the King James Version 'KJV' vs the New International Version 'NIV'.  This is an attempt to provoke ourselves to seek the teaching of the Holy Spirit concerning the Word of God more than the commentaries of men alone.) 

Matthew 18:11 KJV "For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost."
Matthew 18:11 NIV non-existent

This is a very important scripture is it not?  It speaks of the purpose and plan of Jesus Christ while He was on this earth.  And for those of us who know we were lost--Wow! What hope!  Why remove it from the earliest and most reliable translation of the Bible? Ok, here is another:

Acts 8:37 KJV "And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God."
Acts 8:37 NIV non-existent

I'd like to believe that when the eunuch asked what was hindering him from being baptized, that when Philip answered him, we would be privileged as well to know that same answer for ourselves.  I mean, it is the reason that Jesus came right?

Ok, so there are so many more scriptures and I will list a few, but the point is, don't take everything you hear at face value!  Enlighten yourself! Do some research and most of all ask your Father in Heaven to reveal to you what you need to know by the power of His Holy Spirit.  God will not leave you deceived but you have to make the effort to search out understanding and knowledge.  We live better and make better choices when we're in the "know".  So as promised, here are a few other scriptures that are non-existent in the NIV Bible:

Matthew 17:21; 23:14
Mark 7:16; 9:44; 9:46; 11:26; 15:28; 16:9-20
Luke 17:36; 23:17
John 5:4; 7:53-8:11
Acts 15:34; 24:7; 28:28
1John 5:7

Be encouraged and know that it is not the will of God that we be deceived.  I mean, He says it at least six times in the Bible, "Be not deceived."  So I think He means it. :)
Remember, if you want to know about it, God will help you.  Search the scriptures daily (Acts 17:11) and watch God reveal Himself to you in ways you've never experienced before.  Believe me, it's worth it--or you could just find out for yourself--tee hee!

Keep Looking Up For His Return Draws Nigh!

~Tyvee B

Deuteronomy 11:16; Luke 21:8; 1Corinthians 6:9; 15:33; Galatians 6:7; 1Timothy 2:14; Proverbs 2:6; 15:14; 18:15;  Acts 17:11
Google: New International "Per" Version for more interesting information about the NIV Bible

Monday, May 7, 2012

R.A.O.K. (Random Act Of Kindness)

As random as this blog post may seem (being I haven't posted a blog entry in a loooonnngg while), my purpose for this post is to encourage you to perform some Random Act Of Kindness (R.A.O.K.) today.
It only takes a few minutes and the range cannot be measured.  Just be kind in whatever action you perform and look for nothing in return.  
There is a sense of peace in turning your compassion towards someone else, especially if you don't know the person or people. And what does the Word of God say about it?  Well lets see....

Acts 20:35
I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Luke 6:38
Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

And you know, sometimes looking for the perfect time to sow can cause you to miss out on your own blessing:

Ecclesiastes 11:4
He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.

A spontaneous or random time that you're moved to give is usually the moving of the Holy Spirit within you. He may want to use you to bless someone else or show them the love of Christ.  Not that we're looking for anything in return, but the word is alive and true and we should trust what it says about those who give (Lk.6:38).

So allow the Holy Spirit to prompt you  in your giving. Grab a hold of these few practical ways to perform a R.A.O.K.:

- Mark some calender days with "R.A.O.K." as a reminder, and follow through.
- Keep your eyes open, looking for someone else that may have a need (i.e. opening a door for someone or smiling to brighten their day).
- Make a card for someone.
- What are you good at? Offer that skill to help someone else.
- Go out of your way! Give someone else the closer parking space to the store! LOL!
- Give a compliment.

Take the limits off!  There are many ways to be random in your giving.  It could range from random days to random people you may or may not know, to the act being random itself.  The fun and fulfillment comes from the realization of how simple it is to do it and the joy, happiness and peace of mind that comes in return.  It is far more worth the gift you've given.

So start your R.A.O.K today!

Keep looking up for His return is nigh!!

~Tyvee B

Acts 20:35; Galatians 6:7; Luke 6:38; Ecclesiastes 11:4