Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mighty Creator

Well hello there! It's been a minute I know, but I'm letting patience have her perfect work lol! So be blessed!  This blog post has blessed my socks off and I pray it does the same for you as well....


            I observe that first of all, God is simply amazing!  I can see that God is a perfectionist of sorts, not in that He struggles to make things perfect, but that they just are when He speaks them into existence.  He is a wholesome God; he lacks nothing in that, whatever he creates, it’s complete in every way.  He’s creative in all that He does and He’s very detailed oriented, look at the peacock!  I could say that God is anal, but I will NOT simply because an anal person is not balanced.  God is balanced…and he’s not flesh and blood like we are!
God delegates.  He brings about this beautiful creation, tells it what it needs to do, and then he goes on about other business because his creations are free of malfunctions.  He never has to look back to say, “Now waves, did you remember to only come this far today?”  On top of that, whatever God makes, always brings about increase!  Now that’s usually a tell tale sign of His miraculous works…increase!  His track record is consistent! What an awesome God!  God is also a God of love.  Whatever he made was never alone.  It was a part of a group, species, type, something!  With that, God teaches us that there is not only strength in numbers, but also strength in unity.  I love God, He’s so awesome!!!

God and me!

            I am delighted in all that God has created.  I can honestly say that at one time, I wasn’t happy with myself, my makeup, my image, etc.  But after a while, I realized that me not liking me was telling God that I didn’t like what he had said he had “fearfully and wonderfully” made.  I was telling Him that his work was no good and non-functioning, incomplete, unbalanced, non-productive, you name it!  And that was literally an insult to him, a slap in His face.  I realized that God wasn’t pleased with my assessment of His wonderful creation! Not a good place to be.
            I had to sit alone with God.  The more I sat alone with him, the more He allowed me to understand that the same way he took time out to create the world, he took that and more to create me.  I was made in His very image!  Now of course, because he’s God, speaking me into existence was cheesecake!  But when the Father speaks, it involves so much more than our physical makeup that we cannot begin to comprehend how we even function the way we do…and why! Whatever!  God’s ways and thoughts are not like ours…boy am I happy about that…well today anyway—haha!!

Keep looking up for your help draws nigh!!

Tyvee B

Genesis 1:1-24; Psalm 139:14