Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decisions Decisions Decisions...

I've often asked myself, "Why did I do that?" or "What in the world was I thinking?" and "Now where did that thought come from?"  Ever been there?  These are not all bad cases.  In fact, the outcome of some of these thoughts and actions are quite genius and just might leave us in awe.

Good outcomes are always worth celebrating!

But what happens when the decisions you make or the actions you take yield an adverse outcome to what you had originally intended for it to be?  How do you handle the disappointment, stress, or even embarrassment from the consequences you're suffering?

I'm often tempted to not make certain decisions, but rather bury them somewhere deep in a section of my brain that I pretend doesn't exist, with a false hope that the situation would some how resolve itself.  Sometimes I'm afraid that I'll make the wrong decision so maybe I shouldn't make any decision at all right?


No resolution = No restitution!

So how do we ALWAYS make GOOD decisions?

Well this is my comfort and I don't mind sharing ; -)

It's not always in that we'll make a good decision, but that we make the right decision.  And when I say right, I mean that we are in our right mind when making decisions.  Being in your right mind simply means being sober and confident in what you decide to do.  It's you making the decision and not someone or something else.


We trust that the Father has fearfully and wonderfully made us.  We know that He is God, Mighty Creator (Elohim) and that everything He creates is perfect and not only perfect, but brings forth fruit of perfection!  We are made in the image of God and when He created us, He said that we were "very good".  Also, when God, Mighty Creator made us, there was nothing lacking!  We are whole and complete and one of our greatest attributes is that we can give of ourselves and our resources and still not lack but receive it back from the One who gave us the ability to give it in the first place!  What a Mighty God!!

Check it!  The function of the liver.....well you do the research!  It'll bless you!

So this amazing and awesome God gave us this great mind and with it a peace that we cannot even understand.  Having peace in our decision making causes us to realize that if by chance we made a bad decision or misinterpreted the Lord's instructions or whatever the case, we are yet at peace because in the end, regardless of the consequences, it's good--always!  This is what we expect and this is what the Lord prepares us for--a good end!  Lessons learned and victories won are good outcomes.

And good outcomes are always worth celebrating!

Keep looking up for His return is so soon!!

Tyvee B.

Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 37:23; Genesis 1:31; Isaiah 26:3; Romans 8:28; II Timothy1:7; Philippians 4:13; Zechariah 4:6

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  1. Tyvee, this post was profound. Don't be signing no contract drunk! Lol!